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Rapid Response Support

Throughout the year, ICNL rapidly developed legal analyses to support civil society under pressure, including practical resources to navigate evolving environments.

Protecting the Right To Protest

ICNL is working with a broad coalition of civil liberties, racial justice, environmental, and other groups to address anti-protest measures in the United States.

Navigating COVID in Kyrgyzstan

COVID hit Kyrgyzstan hard, overwhelming an already fragile healthcare system. In the face of these challenges, Elim Barsynby, a charitable foundation in Bishkek, assembled a large-scale volunteer movement to support the local community. With ICNL’s assistance, the organization was able to streamline its ability to receive aid by working through the medical supply distribution process and the bottlenecks of import and customs documentation.

Promoting Public Participation in Lebanon

ICNL partnered with the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), a civil society organization promoting transparent management of oil and gas resources, in drafting a model public consultations law.

What Happens to Civic Space After COVID?

In early 2020, as COVID began to spread globally, ICNL recognized the repercussions of states’ emergency responses on fundamental freedoms and civil society. To address this, ICNL partnered with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) to convene a high-level meeting in May 2021 on protecting civic space and ending unnecessary emergency measures.

Protecting Peaceful Assembly Onland and Online

This year, the UN Human Rights Committee issued General Comment No. 37 to provide guidance on the right to peaceful assembly onland and online. ICNL, alongside ECNL, provided key assistance by acting as both a source of expertise and a link to civil society.