Supporting Civil Society in Post-Coup Myanmar

Since the February 2021 military coup, Myanmar’s civil society has endured a barrage of existential threats. From the military-run State Administrative Council’s (SAC) continuous edicts violating free expression, association, and assembly to ongoing economic turmoil amidst an active armed conflict, civil society has endured immense challenges. Nevertheless, civil society groups have persevered and continue to provide essential humanitarian services and support to their communities during this incredibly difficult period.

ICNL supports the work of Myanmar civic actors via swift legal and advocacy assistance. We also provide resources for our partners to produce ground-breaking reports on the operational conditions of Myanmar’s civil society. Furthermore, we support civil society in monitoring these challenges so they can gather documentary evidence for accountability processes and advocate at the international level for critical support. The following resources include primers on post-coup legal trends and reports from our partners summarizing challenges and recommendations to support civil society in this period. For more information, please contact