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Engaging Migrant Communities in Open Government

This Open Government Partnership article, authored by ICNL Senior Legal Advisor Kate Barth, discusses the issues facing migrant communities and outlines commitments OGP members could support in their national action plans.

IMRF 2022: Global Civil Society Priorities

The first International Migration Review Forum will take place in May 2022. This report looks at current problems facing migrants and explores twelve key ways for states to get back on track.

U.S. Current Trend: New Threats to the Right to Boycott

Politically motivated boycotts have long been a tool for social change in the United States, from American colonists’ boycott of British tea to civil rights activists’ refusal to patronize segregated businesses in the Jim Crow South. Despite this proud tradition, Americans’ ability to use their consumer power to have their voices heard is under new threat after some states have penalized boycotts on positions with which they disagree.

Thailand Computer Crime Act

This Asia Centre policy paper recommends that the Thai government review and amend rights-infringing section of the Cyber Crime Act.

Fixing the FARA Mess

The Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) needs to be fixed. This Just Security article reviews the strengths and discusses potential options for improvements.

FARA’s Double Life Abroad

Around the world, governments are constraining civil society and dissent. A common tactic of these governments is to enact legislation targeting civil society groups that receive international funding.