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U.S. Current Trend: New Threats to the Right to Boycott

Politically motivated boycotts have long been a tool for social change in the United States, from American colonists’ boycott of British tea to civil rights activists’ refusal to patronize segregated businesses in the Jim Crow South. Despite this proud tradition, Americans’ ability to use their consumer power to have their voices heard is under new threat after some states have penalized boycotts on positions with which they disagree.

FARA’s Double Life Abroad

Around the world, governments are constraining civil society and dissent. A common tactic of these governments is to enact legislation targeting civil society groups that receive international funding.

The Danger of the Foreign Agents Registration Act to Civil Society at Home and Abroad

The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) is both sweeping and vague. Recently, there have been many attempts by Congress to strengthen FARA enforcement. While well-intentioned, without modifying the Act, stronger enforcement could have significant negative consequences. This briefer introduces the dangers FARA could pose to civil society, both in the US and abroad.

U.S. Current Trend: Anti-Mask Laws, COVID-19, and the First Amendment

Face masks are in the news. The CDC now recommends that Americans wear face masks to reduce transmission of COVID-19, and some localities are mandating wearing them for certain activities, such as entering a grocery store. Yet, at least 18 states and Washington DC have laws that could be used to penalize those who wear face masks.

U.S. Current Trend: COVID-19 and Civic Freedom

The United States is in the midst of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. All 50 states, as well as the federal government, have now declared emergencies and issued a range of executive orders to combat the spread of the virus. While COVID-19 is a serious threat to public health, measures to address it should not become a serious threat to civil liberties. Emergency

Civic Freedom Digest: Trends in the Digital Age

In this inaugural publication of the Civic Freedom Digest, ICNL highlights some of the key challenges that digital technologies pose to civic freedom, as well as successful civil society efforts to combat these threats.

US Legislative Briefer: Critical Infrastructure Bills

This legislative briefer focuses on how critical infrastructure bills can undermine protesters’ right to peaceful assembly by creating draconian penalties for trespass as well as severely penalizing vaguely defined interference with the construction or operation of critical infrastructure sites.