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Bilateral Investment Treaties in the Kyrgyz Republic

This ICNL analysis reviews how bilateral investment treaties in the Kyrgyz Repbulic for the protection of the rights and interests of foreign non-profit organizations. The full report is available in Russian.

Pandemic Governance & Civic Freedoms

Japan stands out among the Asian nations for it’s response to COVID-19 for adeptly utilizing its legal framework without compromising fundamental rights. This ICNL report looks at both successes and areas for improvement in pandemic governance.

Journalist Detentions in Myanmar

The Myanmar military launched a crackdown on media freedom as part of a coup d’état on 1 February 2021, persecuting journalists and rolling back a decade of legal
reforms. ICNL has built a large case database of detained journalists, cross-corroborating multiple civil society monitoring efforts, and complementing them with an
analysis of the legal status of cases.

Georgia’s Broadcasting Law Amendments

This ICNL and ECNL analysis examines the Georgia Law’s compliance with international law and European standards, focusing on the key problematic provisions of concern to Georgian civil society organizations and media representatives.

Relevant Sources of Law on Article 22 ICCPR

ICNL and ECNL developed a comprehensive report summarizing UN sources of law relating to association, drawing on materials from the Committee, UN Human Rights Council, and UN Special Rapporteurs.

New Regulation on Receipt and Reporting on Foreign Funds by NNOs

On October 4, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan approved Regulation #527 which sets up a procedure on the registration of foreign grants received by Uzbek non-governmental non-commercial organizations (NNOs) and on the implementation of activities funded under these foreign grants.

FARA’s Double Life Abroad

Around the world, governments are constraining civil society and dissent. A common tactic of these governments is to enact legislation targeting civil society groups that receive international funding.