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ICNL’s resources and information on Brazil.


ICNL supports local partners in Brazil to assess the legal environment for CSOs and develop proposals for enabling reforms. Key themes our partners have addressed include life cycle legislation, public financing of CSOs, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly in the context of Pride Marches and indigenous associations, the legal framework for philanthropy, and more.

Flag of Brazil (Graphic Credit: Wikimedia)

Civic Freedom Monitor


Last updated: 10 December 2022

After an intense dictatorial period (1964-1985), Brazil began to undergo a process of democratization. Brazil's so-called Citizen [...]

Global Grantmaking Country Notes

In partnership with the Council on Foundations, ICNL maintains reports on thirty-four countries that help U.S grantmakers undertake equivalency determinations for foreign grantees. The reports in this series describe the legal frameworks for nonprofit organizations and provide translations of relevant legislative provisions.



Legal Obstacles to Indigenous Mobilization and Representation in Brazil

women in canoe on river (photo credit:
This Portuguese language report investigates the legal barriers to organization and representation of indigenous peoples in Brazil today ... Read More

Finding Answers at Home in Brazil

After gathering data on regulatory barriers to freedom of assembly affecting more than 100 gay pride marches in Brazil, Welton Trindade (second from left) concluded that “the study supported by ICNL shows that the solutions are right here in Brazil.” (Photo credit: ICNL)
In Brazil, LGBT activists have long faced legal barriers that limit their right to peaceful assembly. These include local regulations ... Read More

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